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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Topps is Live

And ain't no one has a shortprint as good as mine!

(important safety tip - pastels don't work worth a darn on decoy cards)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Joy of a Completed Page - Ludicrous Edition

I haven't done one of these in a while and I'm hopelessly behind on my self-imposed posting schedule, so let's do this. Submitted for your approval: A complete page of 1986-1987 Fleer Basketball.


Ooooooooooh yes it is.

holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-

Not keeping that particular card in a 9 pocket sheet for obvious reasons. Here's the back for gits and shiggles.

This is in celebration of making a trade for my first additions to this set in nearly 20 years. I got so giddy I made a wantlist.

34 Sleepy Floyd
35 Lloyd Free
36 George Gervin
37 Artis Gilmore

Ya, I need 15 4 cards to complete the '86-87 Fleer set and the biggest name is George Gervin. I've got over 90 doubles from this set so if there is anyone out there who happens to have any of these I'll be happy to trade you at least two-for-one for any of these suckers. I got all the ones I have from about half a box at 35 cents a pack from McCrory's at Northlake mall in 1987. While I didn't score all the rookies, I traded my surplus of Barkleys and Ewings to knock out the biggies that I didn't have. I think it's about time to put this sucka to bed. If you have no '87s to trade, I'd also appreciate a link to someplace online I could pick 'em up cheap.

Aww what the heck, let's put up the '87-88 Wantlist too while I'm at it.

this is as close to a complete page as I've got from this set

1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
5 John Bagley
6 Thurl Bailey
9 Charles Barkley
10 Benoit Benjamin
11 Larry Bird
14 Tony Brown
16 Joe Barry Carroll
17 Bill Cartwright
18 Terry Catledge
20 Maurice Cheeks
23 Terry Cummings
25 Brad Daugherty
27 Johnny Dawkins
30 Clyde Drexler
31 Joe Dumars
35 Julius Erving
36 Mike Evans
37 Patrick Ewing
38 Vern Fleming
39 Sleepy Floyd
40 Artis Gilmore
42 A.C.Green
49 Ron Harper
51 Roy Hinson
52 Craig Hodges
56 Magic Johnson
58 Vinnie Johnson
59 Michael Jordan
60 Jerome Kersey
66 John Lucas
67 Jeff Malone
68 Karl Malone
72 Rodney McCray
73 Xavier McDaniel
74 Kevin McHale
75 Nate McMillan
76 Sidney Moncrief
77 Chris Mullin
79 Charles Oakley
80 Hakeem Olajuwon
81 Robert Parish
83 John Paxson
84 Sam Perkins
85 Chuck Person
87 Ricky Pierce
89 Terry Porter
91 Robert Reid
92 Doc Rivers
96 Mike Sanders
97 Detlef Schrempf
103 Steve Stipanovich
106 Isiah Thomas
111 Wayman Tisdale
118 Dominique Wilkins
119 Gerald Wilkins
122 John Williams
123 Hot Rod Williams
130 James Worthy
132 Checklist 1-132

Got a few more stars to pick up in this one... I love commons too though.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Tim Hudson pranks the Braves' next manager.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Half a set of Game cards

This week in posting has gone disastrously, so I'm going to write it off and finish up with a post I should have had up last year. At least I'll have caught up a little! I don't remember exactly what I traded to The Cardboard Don for these things. I'm pretty sure a relic was in there somewhere. I do remember the sketch card though, but I'm behind on posting that one too...

Ah well. one thing at a time. Here's half a set of 1970-71 Topps Baseball Scratch Off Game cards.

UGGGGH. Tim McCarver would have to be the first one out of the package.  These cards were inserts inside packs of 1970 and 1971 Topps. There were 24 cards, one "Team Captain" per team. I have no idea which team gets the privilege of boasting Tim as their team captain because he's such a team player he didn't bother to wear a cap on this card. I suppose I could look it up, but with Google's new policy on combining history among all Google accounts, I'm afraid to have "Tim McCarver" in my search history. My demographics are fairly well calibrated at Male, 25-34 (YESSSSSS) Interests: Sports Memorabilia, Cartoons, Art & Design, Stupid My Little Pony crap on YouTube (the stupider the better!), Armchair SOPA Activism and Showtunes. I can't risk messing that up and getting targeted ads for Tim's latest book.

MUCH BETTER. Mack Jones, team captain of the Expos. I miss the Expos. They didn't have as much money as the Nationals do.

Sal Bando, captain of the A's. People get all caught up in Reggie and forget Sal was a helluva player.

Here's two Tony Perez cards, but they are not doubles. How can this be? While Topps completely recycled this insert in 1971 right down to the players they put on the cards, they did make one change to the set:

The centers for 1970 inserts had a white background.

The centers for 1970 inserts had a red background. I got one of each for Tony. Not that I'm going to try to collect all 48 varieties of this set, hell no. I'm not even picky if the suckers have backs to them, which some of them do not.

Like this Boog Powell card here. The back half is completely ripped off. I ain't even mad. If you've seen one back to these things you've seen 'em all. Like this one here:

The Reds stole one from the A's in the 8th inning according to the back of this '71 Tony Perez card. Every single card has this exact back (minus the added scoring of course) so who cares if you only have half the card. This isn't exactly a condition sensitive set. A game card that came out of a fresh 1970 pack opened in a clean room would still only grade a PSA 4, tops. These things were never mint, ever.

Here's an awesome '70  Yastrzemski with bonus Killebrew!

Well speak of the devil... Here's full Harmon, with a little schmutz on the front. I can't tell exactly what that is. Might be a printing flaw or the card might have gotten run over by a bicycle that just rolled through hot tar. It's hard to tell.

Mel Stottlemyre was team captain of the Yankees? Wow, did their fortunes fall in the early '70s.

Nate Colbert joined Boog as a member of the 50% off club. Nate's missing back is a little more obvious on this scan.

Future Brave Jimmy Wynn is the captain of the 'stros. WHO BETTER REMAIN THE 'STROS. I can handle the Houston Astros in the American League, but not the Houston Oilers or the Houston Gamblers or the Houston Swamp Rats or whatever polls well in focus group testing. The only DECENT name they could possible change to is the Houston Colt '45s which would be promptly kiboshed because omg gun violence. Dammit Bud! Quit screwing up the game!

Dick Bosman got to be captain of the Senators as well as a coaster for an 8 oz. coke bottle.

 Last but not least is Lou Piniella, who is also not wearing a cap, but as anyone who has read Ball Four a couple dozen times knows, he was dumped from the Seattle Pilots and went on to win Rookie of the Year for the Royals. Lou is also one of the cards I got with pristine innards:

Damn, that's purdy. Maybe I should reconsider my position on Tiptons just for this set. Thanks be to the Don for this trade, I hope the return was deeemed acceptable. I'd hate to wake up to find a pony head in my bed.

Jason Heyward signing tomorrow for realz

BP Sports in Marietta has J-Hey signing tomorrow from noon-3:00. $39 for flats and balls. Not that I'd want Jason to sign my balls. (you'd think they'd charge extra for that)


Here's a video of the people of Poland flipping out over their country's signing of ACTA. Good for you, Poland!

What the hell is ACTA? It's an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (see, right there in the name) that has a bunch of internet-killing provisions tacked on for no good reason. Here's a video by a smart dude who knows way more about this that explains it.

I'm not even going to play like I know a goddamn thing about this other than it's yet another attempt to completely screw up the internets. But if it's important enough to cause an entire freaking country to lose their minds over it, then it's important enough for me to MSPaint an old trading card in solidarity. If you want to know more about ACTA, Google it while you can.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not so original after all

I thought I was being clever by painting ponies on random trading cards...

But this dude is painting pop culture stuff on original cabinet cards!

The artist bit of me is all squee but the collector in me is all nope nope nope nope NOPE. This guy does these paintings so well that I just might need to hide the really old vintage binder for a couple weeks lest I become inspired.

Here's one for Night Owl: The Art of Alex Gross - Mixed Media

Lots more painting awesome things on other things in this post what I ganked this from.

Sketch Card #13 - GODZILLA

I am now over two months behind in posting sketch cards. I'm also blowing off posting the Top 20  Card Show #17 with this post. Procrastination leads to procrastination! In my defense, I couldn't post this one earlier because most of the images were stuck on my phone. I have no excuse for the Top 20 post. This card went to Edgar. Far as I know, Edgar doesn't have a blog, and he traded me a bunch of Sparkly parallels for... uh, I don't even remember anymore it's been so long. As you can see from the back, I was a bit bewildered as to what I should draw for him . So I went with Godzilla. Good choice, no?

After playing around with the colored pencils for Twilight Starlin, Maddux Pie and Cartoon Dirk, I just went balls out with this one.  I also decided to record the process of making the thing. Here's how Gojira came to be:

First I sketched out the basic shape of Godzilla and the menacing helicopter. Once that was in place I started layering on the color, starting with some purple for a foreboding sky.

Godzilla is attacking at night, so lots of dark blue joins the fun.

Tokyo is on FIRE, so let's add some red, orange and brown.

Darkness falls. Let's add some black to finish up the sky. And over here is where a happy little helicopter lives. At least until Godzilla swats it to oblivion.

Time to grab every green pencil in the box. I started out by coloring in the outline of Godzilla and filling in with the lightest shade of green and then working progressively darker. I have no idea if this is how it should normally be done, I was pretty much winging it the whole time.

A tiny bit of darker green was added and I colored in the mouth and radioactive funk breath at this point. I think I futzed with the sky a little bit too.

A couple more layers of green were added. The big guy is filling in nicely.

Finally I added the darkest green, touched up with a few of the other colors of green, added some brown highlights here and there and did the eye. Godzilla is ready for action.

Here's the reference photo I used to make this thing. A good chunk of the stuff I've been drawing is random crap I found on the interwebs and Edgar just got lucky I stumbled across a cool monster that day. Considering some of the horrible disgusting sites I frequent, he got DAMN lucky. He could have gotten a sketch of Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid!

(why oh why can't I get away from politics???)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Official Trade With Scott

A little while back I offered up all these cards in exchange for three things:

  • 1 Braves Card
  • 1 Card What Is Cool
  • 1 Drawing Of A Subject Of My Choice. 

Scott Sawyer stepped up to the plate and took my offer.

And sent 13 cards instead of 3, but I'll let him slide this time simply due to these three cards.

The Brave

There were Braves all over that package, including some Dover Reprints, minor league cards from the '80s and a Jermaine Dye autograph that almost ended up in this post. Instead, I chose this Chipper Jones bat relic from 2001 Fleer Platinum RC Edition. Fleer Platinum was Fleer's "Heritage Set" using designs from the '80s including '81, '84 and '87 Fleer. In '01 they used the 1981 design and added a "RC" Update set towards the end of the year. I think it was merely an excuse to get a Mark Prior card on the market. Well, in the Aughts a card set wasn't a card set without truckloads of relic cards. Here's one of Chipper in the Lumberjacks set. Anyone recognize the photo in the background? It looks familiar but at 1:30am I can't place it. I chose the Chippah - well, because Chippah - but also because I looked through my Chippah box and didn't find this one. That's right, I got over a thousand different Chipper Jones cards and Scott found one I didn't have already. Good show!

The Cool

1991 Pro Set Scottsh Football card of Tommy Turner of St. Johnstone. Any man who can pull off shorts like that whose name is not John Stockton is automatically cool. Take into account the 'stache and Tommy is reaching dangerous levels of coolness. Oh how I regret not buying a box of this stuff at the dollar store when I had a chance...

The Sketch

Not even going to make jokes about this one, because I have never been quite as happy to see a card in my life as I was to see this one. I think I was a teensy bit happier to see my kids being born, but it was close. Holy crap did this one throw me for a loop.

My instructions to Scott were thusly:
Your artist's commission:1) a monster or2) a pony (for all values of pony) or3) a scene or actor from a favorite movie
Choose any one of those three that you wish. Or any of those three asor with a pony. (Pony pony?) Do not worry about artistic ability, I'ma fan of outsider art and the more DIY the better I like it.

Here is the result:

Humphrey Bogart & Ilsa Pie. On a Topps "You Sketch It" card. I have no words. But my initial reaction was this.

Oh yass, there will be a repeat of this experiment, and soon.

Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Phungo Pack Rip Video

No scans yet because I got sidetracked by tonight's short print kerfuffle and I have to get back online for work in a few minutes. If the video doesn't say it all, then I really don't know what will.

1976 Topps Ron Paul

Once I saw this I couldn't not do this:

I even used Cesar Cedeno's card for the template since they look so much alike.

(my pledge to avoid politics this year has really gone all to crap, hasn't it??)

Sunday, January 22, 2012



Jeez, I really need to cut it out with all the poniez.


Thank goodness for ska.

Here's a message Rudy, you're now a pony! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

(I swear to Celestia that things will be back to normal on the blog this week)

I can't think of any more clever ways to troll you with ponies

Guess I'll just have to...

(you know)

Wait, he's not a pony! Wizard, maybe. But not pony. Let's fix this.

Aaah, that's better.


Can't ask for a more accurate blog title than that.

(gee I hope I didn't include a Jello card accidentally)

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1954 Topps

I finally finished it!

What's that? The Aaron? It's uhhhh... supposed to look like that. I had to get one in really bad condition. So bad it's smaller than normal and is printed on Chrome stock. I think it got hit by radiation or something. You know, all those nuclear tests in the '50s? Eeyup, this team set is totally legit. Nope, didn't cheat at all. Why are you looking at me like that? Hey look guys, over there!